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S E R V I C E S 

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Interior Design 

We provide both, online and Face to Face Interior Design services. 

If you live in the UK, in the West Midlands area, we are happy to come and meet you in person. But if you are far away, it is not an obsticle to us. We will book a video phone call via whatsapp, messenger etc., to discuss your needs and desires for your dream home.

We provide services that REFRESH your current design, eg. paint colours, accessories, selection and changes in furniture layout but also FULL INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICEwhere we will completely redisign your current room with or without keeping your existing furniture.

We will work with you step by step to design a space that will bring happines and comfort to your living.

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Realistic Visualisation

We bring your ideas to life by providing a realistic visualisation of your projects.

If you are planning an extension or structural changes inside your house or you want to redesign your current space but not 100% sure how it will look, we will provide you with real life looking images to SAVE you uncertanity about the outcome of your project, your TIME and unnecessarily wasted MONEY.

On our final visualisation we can easly apply any changes to achieve the look you want, so you can go ahead with your plan with a confidence.

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Extension Planning Drawings

If you are looking for a small one storey extension like a porch or garden extention and have it all planned but need planning permission drawings (floor plan and an extension elevation) we can provide it for you with NO HASSLE and at an AFFORDABLE PRICE

We can also visualise your idea for you by providing realistic images of your project, wich effectively will safe you time, money and dissapointment.

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