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Nathanael Design/Ewa Dunnett

Hi there !  ​ 


I am Ewa Dunnett, I am the Founder and Principal Designer at Nathanael Design. I am of Polish origin but I have spent almost half of my life in the UK.


Since early childhood, one of my biggest callings and passions has been to help people. And since I have decided to pursue a career in Interior Design it has enabled me to use two of my greatest desires which are, people service and creative designing.


Having had many years of experience within a science background as a result of graduating with a Chemistry Degree, I decided it was the right time to start following my passions. So, I implemented my acquired skills, life experience and my talents into a field that I am truly passionate about and that can bring happiness and fulfilment to myself and to other people.


Attention to details has always been one of my strongest skills which transferred very well into creating perfectly balanced designs and high details visualisations.


Since I made this career change, I have become a mother and in my spare time I dedicated myself to learn 3D and Visualisation software, I graduated from an internationally recognised design school, The Interior Design Institute, and ran several design projects, with results I am happy to share with you in my portfolio.


I am very passionate about changing people’s comfort of living, by turning their HOUSES  into personalised, balanced  and beautiful HOMES.


Thank you for taking your time to visit my website ​

Ewa xxx

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